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Modern History of Odisha MCQ | With the advent of modern era, Odisha came under European powers like Portuguese and British. Although, Portuguese were the first European to build factories in Odisha, but it’s the British East India Company which ruled over Odisha. They captured Odisha in a strategic way.

1. Who were the first Europeans to make their settlements in Odisha?

(a) Portuguese

(b) Britishers

(c) Dutch

(d) French

2. Under which Governor General, British rule was first established in Odisha?

(a) Lord Dufferin

(b) Lord Wellesley

(c) Lord Linlithgow

(d) Robert Clive

3. Robert Clive in 1765 acquired the Diwani rights of Bengal,Bihar and Odisha from

(a) Hyder Ali

(b) Shah Alam II

(c) Shah Alam I

(d) Aurangzeb

4. Harishpur, the region of first British settlement is in

(a) Balasore

(b) Pipili

(c) Jagatsinghpur

(d) Dhamara

5. Colonel Harcourt lead the operation for capturing

(a) Cuttack and Baleswar

(b) Baleswar and Puri

(c) Sambalpur and Cuttack

(d) Cuttack and Puri

6. When did the Barabati fort fell in the hands of British?

(a) 1798

(b) 1800

(c) 1803

(d) 1812

7. Treaty of Deogarh is related to

(a) Sambalpur

(b) Puri

(c) Cuttack

(d) Ganjam

8. Balasore was captured by which of the General of British?

(a) Captain Morgan

(b) Lord Wellesley

(c) Lord Cornwallis

(d) Warren Hastings

9. In which year Sambalpur was annexed under the Lord Dalhousie policy of Doctrine of Lapse?

(a) 1849

(b) 1850

(c) 1847

(d) 1852

10. Which among the following was not an administrative unit of Britishers in Odisha?

(a) Cuttack

(b) Ganjam

(c) Malkangiri

(d) Sambalpur

Modern History of Odisha MCQ

11. Which historical event of Odisha has been termed as the first war of Independence?

(a) Battle of Buxar

(b) Paik Rebellion

(c) Na’anka Famine

(d) Satya Mahima Dharma

12. Who is considered the first martyr of freedom struggle against British rule in Odisha?

(a) Bakshi Jagabandhu

(b) Jayee Krushna Rajguru

(c) Gangadhar Paikaray

(d) Vir Surendra Sai

13. Which among the following is an impact of Paik Rebellion?

(a) Judicial reforms

(b) Reduction in price of salt

(c) Aboilition of Zamindari System

(d) Both (a) and (b)

14. Who is called the great nationalist of Odisha during 1857 revolt in Odisha?

(a) Jayee Rajguru

(b) Vir Surendra Sai

(c) Surendra Das

(d) Bakshi Jagabandhu

15. Surendra Sai revolted against the Britishers in 1833 from which region of Odisha?

(a) Puri

(b) Cuttack

(c) Keonjhar

(d) Sambalpur

16. Who is associated with Ghumsar Uprising that took place in 1835?

(a) Chandan Hajuri

(b) Dora Bissoi

(c) Chakhi Khuntia

(d) Ramakrusha Samantasinghar

17. Meriah Sacrifice, the cause of Ghumsar Uprising was associated with

(a) Animal Sacrifice

(b) Burning of Corn

(c) Human Sacrifice

(d) None of the above

18. Ratna Naik of Keonjhar is associated with the uprising of which of the movement?

(a) Ghumsar

(b) Bhuyan

(c) Satya mahima Dharma

(d) Brahmo

19. Odisha was affected by Na’anka Famine during which of these years?

(a) 1866-67

(b) 1780-85

(c) 1832-36

(d) 1698-1701

20. The Post Na’anka Era brought a massive change in the field of

(a) art and literature

(b) art and craft

(c) pottery and literature

(d) education and literature

21. Who was the Commissioner of Odisha during the Famine of 1866?

(a) TE Ravenshaw

(b) HB Impey

(c) AB Cumberledge

(d) Goerge Campbell

22. The construction of railways in coastal Odisha came up in which year?

(a) 1886

(b) 1896

(c) 1876

(d) 1886

23. When was the Utkal Sabha established at Cuttack?

(a) 1880

(b) 1881

(c) 1882

(d) 1883

24. Who among the following was the first President of Utkal Sabha at Cuttack?

(a) Kasinath Das

(b) Gauri Shankar

(c) Madhusudan Das

(d) None of the above

25. The Satya Mahima Dharma preached

(a) Polytheism

(b) Philanthropy

(c) Priest Craft

(d) Idolatry

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