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Medieval History of Odisha MCQ || The region known as Kalinga, came under various powerful rulers during the medieval era. Among them were the Ganga rulers, Gajapatis, Bhois, etc. The rule of Mukundadeva of Bhoi dynasty further gave rise to the Afghan rule in the area. Between the 11th and 16th Centuries CE, Kalinga was gradually replaced by Odra Desa or Utkala and eventually Odisha.

1. The Gajapatis were a medieval Hindu dynasty that ruled over Kalinga from

(a) 1334-1441

(b) 1434-1467

(c) 1534-1541

(d) 1434-1541

2. Who among the following initiated Ganga dynasty in Odisha?

(a) Raja Rajadeva-I

(b) Anantavarman Chodagangadev

(c) Vajarahasta-V

(d) Kamarnava

3. The kingdom of Odisha reached the zenith of its glory under which dynasty?

(a) Ganga dynasty

(b) Bhoi dynasty

(c) Mukundadeva

(d) Mughal

4. Which Ganga ruler built the world famous Konark temple?

(a) Narasimhadeva I

(b) Bhanudeva IV

(c) Chodagangadeva

(d) Rajarajadeva

5. The great poet Jayadeva flourished during which dynasty in Odisha?

(a) Gajapati

(b) Ganga

(c) Bhoi

(d) Karrani

6. Who built the well decorated and well sculptured temple of Konark?

(a) Angavimadev-I

(b) Narashimadeva-I

(c) Narashimadeva-II

(d) Narashimadeva-III

7. Which of the following Odisha type Nagara style temples are found at Bhubaneswar? 

  • 1. Jagannath temple
  • 2. Lingaraja temple
  • 3. Sun temple
  • 4. Mukteswar temple
  • 5. Parasurameswara temple

Choose the answers from the codes below :

(a) 4 and 5

(b) 2 Only

(c) 2, 4 and 5

(d) 1, 3 and 5

8. What were the provinces known in Odisha during the period of Ganga dynasty?

(a) Dauvarika

(b) Panchali

(c) Bhoga

(d) Visayas

9. Sri Chaitanya, the famous Vaishnava saint of Bengal, had come to Odisha during the reign of

(a) Prataparudra Deva

(b) Kapilendra Deva

(c) Chodaganga Deva

(d) Raja Rajadeva I

10. Which river was chosen as the line of demarcation betwen the Gajapati Dynasty and Vijayanagara empire in 1513 AD?

(a) Godavari

(b) Mahanadi

(c) Krishna

(d) Kaveri

Medieval History of Odisha MCQ

11. Quli Qutb Shah invaded Odisha during the reign of which ruler?

(a) Prataparudra Deva

(b) Raghuji Bhonsle I

(c) Narasimha Deva

(d) Govind Vidyadhara

12. The Ghunta, Mana and Bati terms used in Gajapati Dynasty denoted what?

(a) Revenue officers

(b) Different units of land

(c) Different taxes

(d) Provinces

13. The rise of ‘Sarala Yuga’ in Medieval Odisha is most important contribution of which dynasty?

(a) Ganga Dynasty

(b) Bhoi Dynasty

(c) Gajapati Dynasty

(d) The Mughals

14. Who was the founder of Bhoi dynasty in Odisha?

(a) Govinda Vidyadhar

(b) Chakra Pratap

(c) Janardhan Vidyadhar

(d) Narasimha Jena

15. Govinda Vidyadhar recognised river Godavari as the boundary between Golkonda and Odisha by signing a treaty with whom?

(a) Sultan of Bengal

(b) Sultan of Odisha

(c) Sultan of Golkonda

(d) Sultan of Maratha

16. When did Mukundadeva ascend the throne of Odisha?

(a) 1560

(b) 1562

(c) 1564

(d) 1566

17. When did the Muslim rule in Odisha begin?

(a) 1568

(b) 1578

(c) 1588

(d) 1582

18. Who was the first Muslim ruler of Odisha?

(a) Alla-ud-din Bakhtiyar

(b) Mohammad Sayyad

(c) Sulaiman Karrani

(d) Qutub-ud-Din Aibak

19. Sulaiman Karrani appointed which of the following two governors of Odisha and Puri?

(a) Nasir and Qutlu Khan

(b) Mansingh and Qutlu Khan

(c) Baqar and Taqi Khan

(d) Lodi and Qutlu Khan

20. Who/What was Kalapahar in context of Medieval History of Odisha?

(a) A cruel king of Gajapati Dynasty

(b) A high mountain with temple at top

(c) A kind of pilgrimage tax

(d) Hindu general of Sulaiman Karrani

21. Odisha was divided into how many sarkars under Akbar’s reign?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

22. Which of the following was not one of the five sarkars under Akbar’s reign?

(a) Bhadrak

(b) Cuttack

(c) Bidar

(d) Jaleswar

23. Under which Mughal emperor Odisha became a separate Subah?

(a) Akbar

(b) Jahangir

(c) Shahjahan

(d) Aurangzeb

24. Which place in Odisha was the seat of Mughal administration during Shah Jahan‘s reign?

(a) Khurda

(b) Cuttack

(c) Puri

(d) Ganjam

25. During whose reign Murshid Quli Khan became the Governor of Odisha?

(a) Shah Jahan

(b) Aurangzeb

(c) Jahangir

(d) Akbar

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